Caitlin Fairchild | Nextgov | June 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

What's New in Apple's iOS 11?

A customer sets up his new iPhone 7 Plus, right, as he switches from an iPhone 6 at the Apple Store in Chicago. Kiichiro Sato/AP File Photo

The iOS 11 public beta operating system is now available for the iPhone and iPad, and Apple has made plenty of changes.

Remember, it's still in beta, so users might run into bugs and glitches. However, the occasional trip-ups might be worth it for some of the new features.

The new OS boasts a more concise and customizable control center with a new "screen record" feature, which could be helpful for teaching a less tech-savvy friend or family member how to use a new app or feature. The control center also has a "Do not disturb while driving" feature to help users stay safe while on the road.

A special squished one-handed keyboard mode allows multitaskers to send off a text one-handed.

Of course, Siri got a makeover as well, including a more human-sounding voice. She has even added some basic language translation to her skill set.

The always useful Notes app now has a built in document scanner, which is especially handy if you frequently need to scan signed documents and receipts for expense reports for work.

It's an updated operating system, so there is a lot to discover if you choose to download it.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET: