Caitlin Fairchild | Nextgov | November 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

Here's How to Actually Use the iPhone X

The new iPhone X is displayed in the showroom after the new product announcement at the Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple campus on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017. Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

The iPhone X is finally available.

If you've saved up enough cash to buy one (they're more than $1,000) and you've made the appropriate preparations in advance (backing up your personal data), then you're almost ready to walk into the sunset with your new Apple device in hand.

Yet, there are a few tricks most people will need to learn to actually use the device. Without a home button, most of the use patterns learned from previous iPhones are obsolete. 

Among any other things, users will now need to swipe up from the bottom and flick to get out of an app and swipe down from the top right to access the control center. And if you need to call Siri, press and hold the button on the right side to ask her any and all questions.

To learn more gestures for the iPhone X, check out the video below from CNET