GSA Plans to Democratize Its Data

The agency's central platform will let employees dabble in data sets and analytics tools.

Trump Administration Has Talked Up Social Media Vetting, But It’s Nothing New

Arlington-based deep web search engine provider Giant Oak says agencies have been perusing social media accounts long before Trump took office.

What Do China’s Police Collect on Citizens in Order to Predict Crime? Everything

These databases can scoop up everything from addresses, to medical history, supermarket membership, and delivery records.

CIA, NSA Offer Startups More Than Money

The intelligence community can serve as a test-bed for startups pitching AI and other emerging technologies.

To Fix Algorithmic Bias, We First Need to Fix Ourselves

If we can’t get it right with humans, how are we meant to train machines to do a better job?

What the Military Is Learning From a Chameleon Sandbox

Made up of kinetic sand, a toy that feels like the stuff on the beach but has the consistency of Silly Putty, the system's miniature bridges, lakes and other structures morph -- or disappear -- when a finger crushes critical infrastructure.

Commerce Wants To Help You Make Money From Federal Data

The department is looking for businesses to help government use data.

Why the Federal Government Tracks Visitors to Dot-Govs keeps tabs on traffic to more than 4,000 government websites.

To be Successful, Hackers Need These 3 Elements

Hackers’ reconnaissance activities are shrouded within massive amounts of data, and are difficult to detect.

Why People Who Put ‘Data Scientist’ on Their LinkedIn Profiles Earn More Money

As the White House’s first chief data scientist, DJ Patil explains the growing importance of his field during his speech at the National Science Foundation.

Bionic Eyes Are No Match for the Curiosity of Pentagon Cartographers

Right now, technology is up against a problem that didn't exist in the Atari age: big data.

First Draft Big Data Framework Seeks to Tackle the Big Questions First

It's part of NIST's efforts to standardize global conversations about big data.

How to Not be the Next

Here is a simple formula for any government working on the release of a new public-facing website.

New Dashboard Tracks Which Federal Sites You're On, And How You Got There

The U.S. Digital Service, 18F and GSA's Digital Analytics team launched the site Thursday.

5 Forces That Could Transform Government IT

Analytics, cloud computing, the return of core systems and other forces are poised to change businesses and government over the next 18 to 24 months, according to a new report from Deloitte.