As AI and Cyber Race Ahead, the State Department Is Falling Behind

Technology is reshaping the global order. America’s diplomats need to start thinking ahead.

Hey, @Twitter, It’s Time to Talk about President Trump

The president’s amplification of the things he finds in his mentions is putting national security at risk.

More Than 200 US Diplomats, Civil Servants and Servicewomen Say They’ve Been Harassed at Work

An open letter titled #metoonatsec accuses their industry of systemic discrimination and harassment.

The Pluses and Perils of Trump's Cyber Strategy

Continuity on most cyber policies masks a growing erosion of global cyber norms.

State Department CIO to Retire

Another agency will be lead by an acting CIO.

Bill to Restore State Department Cyber Office Advances

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shuttered the office in September.

White House Discloses Rules on Weaponizing Software Vulnerabilities

The administration will publish an annual report on how it decides whether to hoard or disclose newfound cyber vulnerabilities.

State Plans to Elevate Cyber Mission, Despite Shuttering Dedicated Office

The claim comes after the department downgraded its main cyber diplomacy office.

House Foreign Affairs Leaders Push to Save State Cyber Office

A bipartisan bill would make the cyber coordinator’s office permanent and a presidential appointment.

Analysts Are Quitting the State Department’s Anti-Propaganda Team

The Global Engagement Center is struggling to keep up with its missions: countering ISIS recruitment and Russian disinformation.

Former State Cyber Coordinator Says It Was a Mistake to Close His Office

The department's former cyber coordinator Chris Painter worries the country is stepping back from its role as a global cyber leader.

Tillerson to Slash Cyber Office, Other Special Envoys

The move is part of a broader effort to streamline department operations and reduce its budget.

Democrats Attempt to Save State Department’s Cyber Office

An amendment to a major spending bill would prevent Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from closing or moving the cyber coordinator’s office.

U.S. Embassies are Vulnerable to Digital Snooping, Watchdogs Find

Embassies’ telecom supply chains often go through China and they aren’t fixing vulnerabilities security officers point out.

DHS to Pitch in on Cybersecurity for Olympic Games

The final U.S.-Japan Cyber Dialogue under Coordinator Chris Painter reaffirmed the nations’ broader cyber alliance.

Cyber Office or Not, State Dept. Will Shape International Cyber Rules, White House Official Says

White House Cyber Lead Rob Joyce also dove into the government's use of Kaspersky anti-virus products and how agency leaders will be held accountable for breaches.

How the State Department Prioritized Passport Customers

During peak passport processing, the agency is doing more with fewer employees.

Top Cyber Diplomat Stepping Down

Chris Painter has been the State Department’s cyber coordinator since the office was launched in 2011.

Here’s Why a U.S.-Russia Cyber Working Group Could Do Some Good

The group could focus on areas of common interest without stepping back on election hacking, but some experts still say it’s a silly idea.